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MONTREAL, AUGUST 25, 2010  Roma Medwid has been appointed the new  Deputy Director General of the English Montreal School Board, a position she has held on an interim basis since July.

Ms. Medwid was a  teacher, vice-principal and principal before joining the EMSB administrative head office in the fall of 2008 as assistant director of pedagogical services. A year ago she was promoted to regional director.

Ms. Medwid is grateful to still be alive after suffering what was considered a life threatening brain aneurysm on October 1, 2005. She was off work for the next two years, but made a complete comeback.

“It is a miracle that I am alive and able to tell my story,” says  Ms. Medwid. “There are many people who die from aneurysms. In the spring of 2004, Maddy Spidalieri, a beloved teacher at Pierre de Coubertin Elementary School, went to bed and never awoke from her aneurysm. She was a vivacious and fun-loving person who was dedicated to her profession and really made a difference in the lives of her students. Her colleagues, students and their parents, her beloved family all miss her and her zest for life. She made everyone feel special in her presence and lives on in the hearts of all who knew her.

“There were countless patients who were left paralyzed or mentally disabled from their aneurysm as I witnessed when I walked through the hospital corridors. I am truly a miracle and grateful for each day. The miracle of research is what saved me.


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