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MONTREAL, SEPTEMBER 27, 2010  After hearing about the CBC Kids Book Club Contest, Meredith Melvin, a student teacher currently fulfilling her teaching placement position at Sinclair Laird Elementary School in Park Extension,  thought it would be a great idea to have the students take part in it. Meredith is a student teacher in Mrs. Wearing's Grade  6 classroom.       

The CBC Kids Book Club contest asks  Grade 6 classes across Canada  to write a poem or story in  150 words or less on their feelings about books and literature. After hearing about this contest, together as a class, they decided to write a poem, entitled "If It Weren't For You," and submit it to the contest. "I think that this activity was a great way to start the year,” says Meredith. “ As a student teacher, it allowed me to get to know more about the students and their interests, as well as observe how well they work together.

The winner of this contest will receive a visit from author and Canadian Children's Literature Award nominee, Arthur Slade.  Principal Viola Vathilakis , along with other staff members, feel that it is a tremendous achievement on the part of the students in the class. She notes that win or lose the poem is an accomplishment that all of the students should be really proud of.

Here is the poem:

If It Weren't For You - Grade 6, Room 11, Sinclair Laird Elementary School
Reading is a ticket free of charge,

To explore different worlds either small or large.

A book is more than soft and smooth,

It takes you on a journey to find the clues of the mystery of books and stories too; the characters await us, when you don't know it's who.

Similes, climax, setting and plot,

This is what we learn when we read a lot.

Magic is in books, Adventure and Romance, The words jump off the page as though they want to dance.

What would I become if you did not take me away you fantasy world is my runaway.
If it weren't for you, I could not share this inspiration with another generation.


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