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MONTREAL, OCTOBER 20, 2010 – More than 500 people gathered at the Chateaubriand reception hall in Rivière des Prairies on October 15 to celebrate the completion of East Hill Elementary School’s Millennium Project.

In April of 2000, the entire student body of East Hill embarked upon this project to celebrate the arrival of the new millennium by creating a time capsule, in which every student made their own miniature capsule and wrote what their hopes and dreams would be for the future. Each of the student’s mini time capsules were then placed into the larger time capsule, which was modelled after the Mercury space capsule that was used for space exploration by American astronauts during the early 1960s, sealed and remained on display in the lobby of the school until it was opened 10 years later. The former students in attendance at the event – who were students at East Hill during the 1999-2000 academic year – retrieved their mini time capsules and were curious to see if what they wished for a decade earlier became a reality.

Also in attendance that evening were current and former East Hill teachers, parents, East Hill principal Maria Di Perna and vice principal Myrianne Lusigan, EMSB Deputy Director General Roma Medwid, Region 1 Director Marzia Michielli, and former East Hill principal Maria Cesta, who oversaw  the  launch of the Millennium Project. She recited to the crowd a poem she wrote to commemorate the occasion called “A Voyage in Time.”

Following the ceremony, everyone in attendance had the evening to catch up over a buffet dinner and music. 


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