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Repercussion Theatre

MONTREAL, JANUARY 6 , 2011 – When Dunrae Gardens Elementary School in Town of Mount Royal recently received new chairs and desks for their students, they were presented with a very interesting conundrum.

What to do with the old, yet still very functional equipment?

Under the guise of Luce Demers, the head of the Environmental Team at the English Montreal School Board, the school found Collaboration Sante Internationale (CSI), a nonprofit organization who was gleefully up to the task of lending a helping hand.

Billed as a “non lucrative NGO whose mission is to help people of all underdeveloped countries encourage self help and initiative in matters concerning Health, and Education”, for 37 years, CSI has provided furniture, medicine and equipment to impoverished communities throughout the world and as such, Demers knew their equipment would find a perfect home.

In fact, it would wind up being two homes as the donations from Dunrae Gardens have made their way to students in both Senegal and Honduras, who will undoubtedly benefit from their generosity for years to come.


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