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MONTREAL, JANUARY 6, 2011 – Keeping in line with the core values of the English Montreal School Board promoting health, fitness and well being, Royal Vale School in Notre Dame de Grace has entered into a one-of-a-kind partnership with Action Sport Physio.

In front, from Left to Right: Noah Gelber, Alexa Kastner, Maria Côté, Jordan Valentine. In the back, from Left to Right:: Chantal Martin and Marisa Vincelli

Beginning in the New Year, any individuals associated with Royal Vale School, whether teachers, administrators, parents, students and their families will have the exclusive opportunity to enjoy generous discounts which will ease the costs associated with recovering from physical or sports-related injuries. The partnership will also allow for a guaranteed therapist appointment within 24 to 48 hours of their initial request.

On staff at Action Sport Physio and available to the Royal Vale family will be a team of physiotherapists, massotherapists and sports medicine physicians who are specially trained in healing the injuries which impede individuals from pursing a healthy lifestyle.

The exclusive partnership is available at to two locations: Montreal West (14A Westminister) and Downtown (4150 Ste-Catherine St. West, Suite #400). In order to redeem the benefits, individuals must state they are associated with Royal Vale School.

Action Sport Physio received the Consumers Choice Award for excellence in client care in 2010. Fundamentally, The Action Sport Physio School Elite Program serves to keep school members active, healthy and pain free. Different options are available and aimed at fulfilling the needs of the faculty, students and parents. In 2011 a new addition to the program will be introduced. The Action Sport Physio Scholarship is designed to create incentive and to give back to the student who excels in academics and health awareness. The team at Action Sport Physio aims to get you back on the track to an active and pain free life! Whether you have postural pains or you are experiencing a sports related injury, you can count on Action Sport Physio team to get you back to life!

To learn how your school could benefit from this program, contact Marisa Vincelli, public relations and marketing director at or


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