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MONTREAL, JANUARY 28, 2011 – During the first two weeks  of February, pre-schools and elementary schools across the English Montreal School Board  will  take part in the 23rd annual campaign promoting school bus related safety and security.

Entitled “M’as-tu vu? or Do you see me?”, the annual campaign makes students aware of the importance of adopting safe behaviour on board and around school buses. Reaching outside the classroom, the program will also serve as a reminder for parents of the dangers that may occur when, by lack of concern or negligence, they do not respect the basic safety rules in school zones, and when they follow or pass a school bus.

Organized and sponsored by the Association du transport Écolier du Québec (ATEQ), the organization credits the ongoing awareness and safety campaigns as the main reason that school bus related fatalities have dropped to zero or one  per year, down from an average of six or eight deaths annually in the 1990s. 

Through advertisements across Quebec, the campaign will also serve as an opportunity to remind all road users of the importance of the role they play to ensure the safety of students when they are around school buses.


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