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MONTREAL, FEBRUARY 1, 2001— The English Montreal School Board has expressed disappointment that its motion to be heard before the Supreme Court of Canada over Bill 111 has been dismissed.

Bill 111 was adopted by the Quebec National Assembly last June and provides the Minister of Education with exclusive power to transfer properties from one school board to another. On June 29 Quebec Superior Court Justice Alphonse Barbeau had granted a stay of sections of Bill 111, effectively preventing the Minister from ceding Emily Carr Elementary School to the Commission Scolaire de Montreal (CSDM). However, in August a majority ruling by the Quebec Court of Appeal reversed that decision and Emily Carr was turned over to the CSDM a mere two weeks before the start of class.

While the Supreme Court dismissed the motion, the EMSB still plans to challenge the constitutionality of Bill 111 in Quebec Superior Court on the merits of the case. Under Section 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms the linguistic minority has the right to the property of its schools. EMSB Director General Charley E.E. Levy stated that the EMSB Council of Commissioners have indicated their willingness to meet with the Minister of Education to determine if this case can be resolved in a different fashion.

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