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MONTREAL, FEBRUARY 2, 2011 – In order to begin February on the right foot, Hampstead School (83 Thurlow) will be taking part in a unique project entitled “Acts of Kindness”, an initiative organized by teacher Dana Strohl meant to inspire both youth and adults to be kind to each other for the benefit of simple human compassion, without acknowledgement or reward.

Running from February 1 to 9, the students and adults at Hampstead School have committed to doing one genuine act of kindness continuously throughout the period. Any act of kindness is permissible, ranging from holding doors open for people, saying please and thank you, helping parents with chores, not gossiping, sharing, to even stopping road rage for the adults.

In order to encourage the entire school, Strohl called upon the Grade 6 students to set examples for their peers by promoting and teaching the importance of the project.

Ensuring that the project reaches beyond the Hampstead community, Strohl invited Lower Canada College to participate in this project as well. From February 14 to 18, the Secondary V “Grad Pride” group will participate and promote the importance of kindness throughout their school. 

“The participation of these two schools is a small step towards making our homes, our schools, our city, our country and this world a better place,” said Strohl. “We must begin with being kind. From our hearts to another heart, it all starts with the soon to be leaders of our world.”

Along with their commitment to the act, each participant at both schools will show their dedication to the project by wearing a special bracelet, made from donated materials from Frabels Inc.


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