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MONTREAL, FEBRUARY 16 2011 – Staff and students from Rosemount High School (3737 Beaubien) are organizing a one-of-a-kind concert that aims to encourage students to stay in school.

On February 17 (9:30 a.m.), in conjunction with the first edition of Montreal Hooked on School Week, Secondary III students from LaurenHill Academy in St. Laurent and John F. Kennedy School in St. Michel will join their peers at Rosemount High School for the “Hooked on Music/Don’t Stop Believing Concert and Presentation”.

Taking centre stage will be Rosemount High School’s Symphonic Winds Orchestra, which has continuously dazzled audiences since the early 1960s. They will be followed by performances by LaurenHill Academy’s Jazz Band. Intertwined throughout the concert will be speakers from the fitness program at John F. Kennedy High School, as well as two former high school drop-outs who will offer personal testimonials which will hopefully point the students down the right path

Rosemount’s Symphonic Winds Orchestra will close out the concert with an inspirational grand finale set to ensure the students remember to believe and trust in themselves. Collectively, the three schools will demonstrate how music and physical activity can play a vital role in enhancing and enduring one’s education.

In attendance representing the EMSB will be Director General Robert Stocker, Deputy Director General Roma Medwid, Regional Director Claude Dansereau, Commissioners Bernie Praw (St. Laurent), Rocco Barbieri (St. Michel) and Agostino Cannavino (Rosemount).

From February 14 to 18, 2011, the Montreal Hooked on School organization will debut its first annual Montreal Hooked on School Week. The initiative, which has had success throughout Quebec in past years, will consist of multiple initiatives that have a positive impact on young people, parents, and other concerned parties, with the objective of increasing school persistence and success, and reconnecting with school.

Montreal Hooked on School is an organization consisting of 28 partners dedicated to keeping youth and families at the center of their efforts to increase school retention. The organization is committed to developing projects in partnership with local and regional actors to increase the reach and the impact of actions undertaken to help youth, their families, as well as community stakeholders.


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