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MONTREAL, FEBRUARY 24, 2011 – Celebrating the true multiculturalism of their school, students at Sinclair Laird Elementary School in Park Extension recently had the chance to take part in multiple activities where they had the opportunity to learn and celebrate the great traditions from around the world. 

The whirlwind of culture began in celebration of Chinese New Year as the Grade 5 and 6 classes at Sinclair Laird joined Puynung Choy, their spiritual animator, and took a trip to the Chinatown district of Montreal. Throughout the day, the students visited a Chinese Catholic Church, Le Gauthiere business strip, the first Canadian fortune cookie house amongst many other landmarks.

Buddhist tradition for welcoming the New Year was celebrated through food as the students had a delightful vegetarian lunch at Ruby Rouge Restaurant where they not only learned some history, but also served each other and took in some important cultural etiquette skills. Wrapping up their day was a small taste of Jewish heritage as they took the opportunity to visit the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue of Montreal, the oldest Jewish congregation in Canada.

Bringing activities closer to home, all of Sinclair Laird had the opportunity to celebrate Black History Month through Haitian song and dance. Performing for the students were two dancers and a drummer from the Mapou Ginen Group. Along with their dazzling and entertaining performance, they also invited both children and staff to take part in the specialized dance numbers which comprise traditional Haitian folklore. Accompanying the dancing was a variety of Haitian songs which the students learned and practiced prior to the event.


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