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MONTREAL, MARCH 9, 2011 – Taking advantage of the last few weeks of winter, students at Hampstead School   recently spent three days working with a snow sculpture artist as a part of the English Montreal School Board’s culture in schools and physical education programs.

Dawning hats and scarves and led by project creator and physical education teacher Patricia Wilken, students held their gym classes outside to work with the professional artist in the design, build and overall creation of snow sculptures. While the artist was in charge of turning the children’s vision into reality, students decided in groups what to create and pitched in wherever they could - from shovelling, to building and completing the finishing touches on the pieces after the artist carved out the main outline.

Already a big hit amongst cars passing by, until warmer weather sets in, sculptures such as dinosaurs, princesses, houses, cartoon characters, butterflies, lions, giraffes and many more can be seen holding court outside the school in what truly is a unique display of artistry. 


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