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MONTREAL, MARCH 10, 2011Dunrae Gardens Elementary School (235 Dunrae) in Town of Mount Royal   will play host to about 20 local senior citizens at its first ever Inter-Generational event on Friday, March 11 ( 12:15 p.m)  in the gymnasium. 

The event, which is being held in conjunction with the Town of Mount Royal,  will begin with an afternoon tea and dessert reception, courtesy of the Dunrae Gardens Home and School Association. The visiting seniors, who live at a number of T.M.R.-based seniors’ residences, will have their refreshments served by 14 specially selected student ambassadors, who will also get the opportunity to interact with their guests in a friendly, social manner. It continues at 1:30 p.m., when the seniors and the school’s entire Grades 4, 5 and 6 student population will watch a presentation of the play “Story Wars.” The play, which is produced specifically for elementary schools by the Montreal theatrical troupe Geordie Productions, tells the story of a pair of fraternal twins who are sent to their room after a fight and as their punishment, have to create a story together. The result is a tale of adventure on a grand scale that brings together some the greatest legends and figures in Greek Mythology.

“I believe it’s a wonderful opportunity for Dunrae Gardens to embark on its first inter-generational project with its T.M.R senior citizens,”  said Principal Darlene Kehyayan. “I am sure that this rewarding experience will enrich the lives of everyone involved, students and seniors alike, as we continue to strengthen our partnership with our community. The students will have the occasion to be exposed to the seniors’ wisdom, knowledge and their life experiences and the seniors will be enlightened by the students’ exchange.  Our school is very excited with this special project and we look forward to having future events with our T.M.R. community senior citizens.”   


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