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MONTREAL, MARCH 11, 2011 – The English Montreal School Board Council of Commissioners will hold a special meeting on Wednesday, March 16 (7:30 p.m.) at the Administrative Head Office (6000 Fielding Avenue) in N.D.G..  At this time a number of scenarios for possible major school change developed by the Long Range Planning Committee will be discussed. This is a prelude to a meeting set for Wednesday, March 30 when formal recommendations will be considered and voted upon for public consultation.

These scenarios derive from five governance orientations adopted at a special board meeting held on December 8, 2010, which can be summarized as follows:

  • Development of multiple scenarios per cluster of schools;
  • Address schools with an enrolment below 200 (either current or projected enrolment);
  • Review elementary schools with both Core and one Extended French Program (i.e. “two track schools”);
  • Review schools and centres that share one facility;
  • Review specific project schools (Section 240).

“We wish to emphasize that the purpose of this special meeting be well understood, since this is the first time that we have decided to prepare in this manner,” stated EMSB Chairman Angela Mancini.  “At this meeting, the commissioners will have an opportunity, after being briefed on the contents of the documentation, to request via a formal board resolution that an evaluation of additional scenarios be performed by our administration with the objective of possible inclusion in the final recommendations to be presented at the board meeting of March 30.”

EMSB Director General Robert Stocker emphasizes that it is only at that regular board meeting  on March 30 that Council will decide, again by formal board resolution, which recommendations for major school change for July 2012 shall be retained for public consultation.

Following the March 30 meeting, a public consultation process involving applicable governing boards, school and centre principals, the Central Parents’ Committee and municipal jurisdictions, will take place culminating in briefs being submitted in November 2011, public hearings in December 2011 and final decisions at a special board meeting to be held in January 2012.


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