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MONTREAL, MARCH 23, 2011 – John Grant High School in Cote Saint-Luc recently hosted their inaugural “Transition Towards Independence” fair, opening up its doors and inviting students and parents to see the great options available there, as well as meet with representatives of various organizations to weigh the many options available for students upon graduation.

Parents and students were able to walk around the school and see first-hand the wonderful programs and activities such as home economics, wood-working, music and visual arts, and food preparation. Teachers were also on hand to explain the various high school courses offered at the school such as French, English, physical education, mathematics and science. John Grant, an alternative special education vocational centre, is devoted to the needs of students with mild to severe learning difficulties and offers a warm, supportive, multicultural environment and small class sizes.

A display was also set up to introduce parents to the Job Orientation Program (J.O.P.). Open to students aged  18 to 21, the program allows them to work on fine-tuning their job skills. Students are taught how to create a resume and cover letter, how to improve their interview skills and job search techniques. Throughout the program, they continue to gain experience by working in the school cafeteria, doing building maintenance, working as office and classroom assistants as well as gain valuable work experience in job placements outside the school. Upon completion, the program ensures to provide practical and academic instruction in order to help students develop the necessary knowledge and life skills essential for independent living. They learn these life skills by delving into three core areas: daily living skills, personal/social skills, and job skills.

Additionally, exhibitors set up shop in the school’s gymnasium to offer a wide range of advice and suggestions for parents and students regarding their options once they graduate at age 21.

On hand throughout the evening were:

  • Action Main D’Oeuvre: An organization which finds employment for intellectually challenged adults
  • Avatil: An organization which trains individuals for independent living and offers community support and social/discussion groups
  • Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi NDG: An organization whose mission is to support the social and/or professional integration of young adults into Quebec’s society
  • Centre d’Education des Adultes Outremont: An organization which helps special need students become more autonomous and integrate into society
  • CROM-WMRC (West Montreal Rehabilitation Centre): A group which provides habilitation, rehabilitation, residential and community integration services
  • CSSS Cavendish: The government organization fosters the accessibility, continuity and networking of general medical care, as well as prevention, evaluation (diagnostic and treatment), rehabilitation and support services
  • Ruth Weber: A school social worker from CSSS Cavendish
  • Emploi Quebec: An organization providing information on the job market as well as assists people in finding employment
  • Galileo Adult Centre: An EMSB institution which offers a continuation of studies through individualized training in the East End of Montreal
  • Marymount Adult Centre: An EMSB institution which offers a continuation of studies through individualized training in the West End of Montreal
  • Agence Ometz: An organization offering a range of human services in the fields of employment, immigration and social services
  • Sphere-Quebec: An organization created to assist in the integration of disabled persons into the job market
  • Melanie Crete, Photographer: On hand to show parents the wonderful and creative photographic work she does with students at John Grant High School on a daily basis
  • WIAH (West Island Association for the Intellectually Handicapped): Offering activities for building socialization skills and integration of the intellectually handicapped into community recreational activities
  • Special Olympics Quebec: Offering over 4,100 special athletes with training and competition programs to increase their well-being, self-sufficiency, self-esteem and social integration
  • QAPSD (Quebec Association of Post-Secondary Students with Disabilities): An organization which advocates for post-secondary education accessibility for all students with disabilities

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