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MONTREAL, APRIL 6,  2011 – The English Montreal School Board Council of Commissioners have decided to send a series of  major school change scenarios out for public consultation.   This includes 14 recommendations and 22 scenarios.


Council  will  consider a merger between St. Gabriel Elementary School in Point St. Charles and St. John Bosco Elementary School in Ville Émard while looking at moving the Carlyle population in T.M.R. to Coronation in Côte des Neiges and the James Lyng High School students in St. Henri to Marymount Academy in NDG.  There are proposals to close three other elementary schools -  St. Brendan and Nesbitt in Rosemount and  Fraser Academy in St. Laurent.


The consultation process will also deal with the proposed relocation of  a number of schools and centres:  St. Raphael School in Ahuntsic and  the hairdressing and aesthetics program from Laurier Macdonald Vocational Centre in St. Léonard to buildings which may become vacant;   Perspectives II High School  in St. Michel to the St. Brendan facility, if that should close;  Programme Mile End High School, currently housed at the High School of Montreal Adult Education Centre in the Plateau, to the nearby   Bancroft Elementary School building, which also houses MIND High School; Vezina High School, now at St. Gabriel,   to the James Lyng building or to the St. Monica Elementary School facility in NDG;  Vincent Massey Collegiate in Rosemount  to the St. Pius X facility in Ahuntsic; the St. Pius X Adult Education Centre   to an available facility; the high school students from Royal Vale in NDG to the Giovanni Palatucci (former Wagar High School) building in Côte Saint-Luc;  and Marymount Adult Education  Centre, currently based at Palatucci, to an available facility along with the CARE (satellite class) program, now located at the  Shadd Business Centre.

The council voted not to retain recommendations to merge  Our Lady of Pompei Elementary School in Ahuntsic and St.  Dorothy Elementary School in St. Michel and to close two other elementary schools - Hampstead and  Bancroft in the Plateau. In addition, a recommendation to  consolidate the enrolment of John F. Kennedy High School in St. Michel with Rosemount High School was rejected.


At  the two meetings the Council  need to decide upon these recommendations from the Long Range Planning Committee,  it was also agreed to consult on the possible annexation of distinct boundaries of core schools to those offering extended French programs.

The complete documentation of every scenario is now available on the EMSB website at  Hearings on these proposals will take place next September, followed by a final vote in January 2012.  


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