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MONTREAL, MAY 2, 2011 – The English Montreal School Board’s scientific prowess was on display recently as Marymount Academy’s Abicumaran Uthamacumaran and Royal West Academy’s Demetrios Koziris and Iakovos Vathis wowed judges at the Provincial Science Fair in Sherbrooke to earn a trip to compete on the national stage from May 14 to 21 in Toronto.

Uthamacumaran  entered his project “Seek Cancer’s End With Ceacam1” while teammates Demetrios Koziris and Iakovos Vathis earned a national berth with their projectIschemic Preconditioning”.

The path to Toronto began at the 29th edition of the Bell Montreal Regional Science and Technology Fair presented by the Educational Alliance for Science and Technology (EAST) in March. While only a select group of students and projects were selected to move onto the provincial and national competitions, in all, 46 students representing LaurenHill Academy in St. Laurent; Lester B. Pearson High School in Montreal North; Royal Vale High School and Marymount Academy in N.D.G.; Royal West Academy in Montreal West; Rosemount High School and Vincent Massey Collegiate in Rosemount; and Westmount High School captured an award during the 2011 science fair season.

The complete list of schools, winning projects and students is as follows: 

LaurenHill Academy (Senior Campus)
Catalyze The Way To The Future:  Krishni Velupillai, Iqra Tariq
Honourable Mention - Senior 1

Danger: Effects Of Smoking: Laksana Seevaratnam, Arruni Rajadurai
Honourable Mention – Intermediate

Hot Ice: Brinda Mailvaganam,  Tharsha Arumugam
Honourable Mention – Intermediate

Mysterious Cooking Instruments:  Aneela Riaz, Divya Patel
Bronze Medal - Senior 1

Sick From School?: Muneera Patel, Ariel Boyle
Immunology Montreal Award in Immunology / Immune System
Silver Medal – Junior

Zap Your Zit: Sabrina Lattuca, Sumayya Patel
Bronze Medal – Intermediate

LaurenHill Academy (Junior Campus)
What Will Conquer E.Coli?: Sarina Kaur, Daniella Derlukiewicz
Silver Medal - Junior

Lester B. Pearson High School
Airfoil Camber Effect: Julian Ippolito, Marco Altomare
Honourable Mention - Intermediate

UV Not So Friendly: Amanda Lafferty, Catherine Leclerc
Bronze Medal - Senior 1

Marymount Academy
Can't You Tell It's Biogel?: Abisan Uthamacumaran
McGill University - Earth/Mine Energy Research Group
Silver Medal – Junior

Seek Cancer's End With Ceacam1: Abicumaran Uthamacumaran
Gold Medal - Senior 1
John Abbott College Science Award
Merck “Student Researcher” Award
Super expo-sciences Hydro Québec (SESHQ) Experimentation & Design Award

Rosemount High School
Home Made AC: Jaysika Loureiro, Erica Lopes
Bronze Medal - Intermediate
McGill University - Department of Mechanical Engineering

Hot Ice ...Is It Possible?: Rebecca Petracca, Tiffany Paquin
Honourable Mention – Intermediate

Hydroelectricity: Tanya Mota, Joseph Dile
Honourable Mention – Intermediate

Royal Vale High School
Solar Power For Laptops: Fozail Ahmad
Bronze Medal – Intermediate

Thermal Insulation: Ryan Ciarma
Honourable Mention - Junior

Royal West Academy
Acne Treatments: What Works?: Christina Dahdah Tian Yi Chen
Concordia University - Department of Biology
Silver Medal – Junior

Drug Life, Thug Life: Sonia Israel
McGill University - Psychology Award
Silver Medal - Senior 1

Ecodrive: David Yin, Kevin Li
Bronze Medal - Senior 1
Concordia University Award for Outstanding Achievement In Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Electromagnetic Muscle: Michael Grizenko-Vida
Concordia University Faculty of Engineering & Computer Science Expo-sciences Tuition Entrance Award
Gold Medal - Senior 1
McGill University - Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Award
McGill University - Faculty of Engineering Award

Goodbye Etoh, Hello Ipa!: Nivatha Balendra
Gold Medal – Intermediate
McGill University - Chemistry Award

Green Ice: Zara Pardiak
Bronze Medal – Intermediate

Ischemic Preconditioning: Demetrios Koziris, Iakovos Vathis
Concordia University Expo-sciences Tuition Entrance Award
Gold Medal - Senior 1
McGill University - Faculty of Science Award
Super expo-sciences Hydro Québec (SESHQ) Experimentation & Design Award
Vanier College Science Award

Penicillin And Pop: Why Not?: Stephanie Wiseman, Emilie Housego
McGill University – School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition Award
Silver Medal - Senior 1

Solar Energy In Motion: Steven Dahdah, Karlo Trost
Concordia University Award for Outstanding Achievement In Electrical & Computer Engineering
Silver Medal – Intermediate

Vincent Massey Collegiate
Tesla Purification: Zachariah Cote, Justin Szeto
McGill University - Department of Mining and Materials Engineering Award
Silver Medal – Intermediate

Westmount High School
Elodea's Photosynthesis Rate: Jin Hyuk Choi, Francisco Xabier, Ugarte Cavagnaro
Honourable Mention - Senior 1




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