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MONTREAL, MAY 28, 2011 – Students Demetrios Koziris and Iakovos Vathis were the talk of Royal West Academy recently as their science project entitled “Ischemic Preconditioning: Effect on Muscular Endurance” garnered $24,500 worth of awards and scholarships at the 2011 edition of the Canada Wide Science Fair.

Their experiment investigated if “upper-limb ischemic preconditioning, a technique used before surgery to reduce damage caused by restriction of blood supply (oxygen deficiency) to tissues, can improve muscular endurance and therefore have applications in sports performance improvement.”

After significant research, their results supported the hypothesis by proving that there was indeed a statistically significant increase of muscular endurance.

In recognition of their efforts, the students received seven awards and scholarships at the Canada Wide Science Fair: The Statistical Society of Canada Award, valued at $1,000; the Gold Medal/Senior Excellence Award by the Youth Science Canada, valued at $1,500; the Dalhousie University Faculty of Science Entrance Scholarship, valued at $5000; the UBC Science (Vancouver) Entrance Award, valued at $4,000; the University of Manitoba Scholarship, valued at $5000; the University of Ottawa Entrance Scholarship, valued at $4,000; and the University of Western Ontario Scholarship valued at $4,000.

As members of the Royal West Academy class of 2011, Demetrios and Iakovos plan on pursing these studies in CEGEP, albeit with different career goals. While their award-winning project will undoubtedly help Iakovos achieve his dream of being a sports physiologist, Demetrios hopes to use his scientific background to pursue a career as an architect. 


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