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MONTREAL, JUNE 30, 2011 – After nearly one year of fundraising and construction, Principal Joan MacMillan of Carlyle School in Town of Mount Royal (T.M.R.) finally cut the ribbon and unveiled a renovated Eco-Community Room and Library, built to continue and cement the school’s dedication to the environment and the community.

Made possible courtesy of The Home Depot Canada Foundation Community Grants Program as well as the efforts of Action for Excellence at Carlyle (ACE) Foundation, the renovated Eco-Community Room and Library will undoubtedly serve the needs of Carlyle’s students for many years to come.

Additionally, a new Donors Wall Giving Tree was erected to recognize the contributions which will be made to the ACE Foundation.

“This would not have been possible without the various parent volunteers who donated generously of their time and hard work. It was an inspiration to see their commitment,” said Joan MacMillian, Principal of Carlyle School. “Our ecological efforts align with the EMSB`s green policy of educating our community to help protect our environment, to create green and healthy spaces, to practice sustainability and to strive for a toxic free environment.”

On hand to mark the special occasion was the Mayor of the Town of Mount Royal Phillipe Roy as well as T.M.R. counsellors Erin Kennedy and John D. Miller. Representing the English Montreal School Board was Director General Robert Stocker and Commissioner for Carlyle, Liz Leaman.

“It’s very special to see private companies giving back to the community. It’s refreshing and very good news.” said Phillipe Roy, the Mayor of T.M.R. “I want to say thank you to all of the people who worked on these projects.”

“I’d like to thank everyone involved in Carlyle School, the ACE Foundation and at Home Depot who have enabled us to open up an Eco-Community room, the Library and also the Donor Wall,” added Liz Leaman, Commissioner for Carlyle. “It truly encompasses everything that Carlyle is all about. We welcome everyone to come in and see it and also see what Carlyle is all about!”


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