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Event to take place on November 25

MONTREAL, SEPTEMBER 7, 2011 – Spotlight on the Arts, the free day of professional development and networking for Arts Education is set to hold its third annual event on November 25 at the Palais de Congrès (1001 Place Jean Paul Riopelle) during the Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers (QPAT) Convention.

For those who cannot attend in person, the event will also be streamed live online at:

This one-day event allows art educators to attend a variety of presentations, including sessions delivered by specialists in each of the four arts (visual, music, dance and drama), LES workshops, student-teacher performances and a number activities such as a session presented by the EnMasse artist collective and a beat-boxing workshop by Nicolas Palacios (aka Butta Beats). 

“This is the largest free English event in Quebec for Visual, Music, Dance and Drama educators,” said Melissa-Ann Ledo, consultant for the Arts for the English Montreal School Board. “We invite all art teachers to spend an hour with us during specific sessions or spend the day with us and benefit from the many free resources, contacts and prizes.”

“This session is a step in the right direction towards furthering the idea that the arts are a vital part of our everyday lives. It demonstrates the passion that Arts teachers have for the work that they do and provides a clear picture that we care and want to establish a strong community that is respectedand valued,” added Ledo. “One of the main goals of this event is to create a network of arts specialists and generalists within our board and connect them to the larger artist community that may aid and facilitate their work. We can work together to make this a successful day, building a network of Inspired Teachers Inspiring students!”

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