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MONTREAL, SEPTEMBER 22,  2011 -  It is the beginning of a new academic year and the Pedagogical Services Department of the English Montreal School Board (EMSB) has introduced web conferencing for workshops held with youth sector teachers.

In an effort to reach all youth sector teachers with ease and convenience, web conferencing enabled two presenters from Société GRICS (Gestion du réseau informatique des commissions scolaires) to conduct training on the new provincial report card. They also provided information on the changes to GPI-Internet, a high-performance, easy-to-use tool which allows teachers to enter, consult and transmit information (student evaluation, absences, memos, homework and lessons, personal tasks, etc.) directly from or into the school's GPI data-bank. Consequently, student information is centralized and always updated.

 Both presenters were stationed at the EMSB Administration Building in NDG during three separate Pedagogical Days. EMSB Pedagogical consultants were at the schools to facilitate the presentations.

François Gauvin and Mr. Eric Diotto from GRICS presented the information simultaneously to the schools using two separate feeds (one in French and one in English). Staff members were able to attend the presentation given in the language of their choice within their respective schools. Web conferencing allowed for these sessions to be recorded and available for playback at a later date.

 “We are really pleased to be able to give teachers the ability to attend training sessions from the comfort of their own schools,” remarked EMSB Assistant Director of Pedagogical Services Athina Galanogeorgos.  “The possibilities are endless and we are all very excited to be able to offer this learning opportunity to our community.

In addition to learning about the subject at hand, we are also experiencing and learning how to use this innovative tool. Finally, as budgets shrink and construction worries take over our daily commutes, web conferencing software enables us to offer training in a manner that is less stressful, more efficient and cost-effective for both the board and our teachers. The feedback on these Ped Days has been really positive and we will continue to look for other opportunities to offer this delivery model to our teachers in the future.”


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