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MONTREAL, SEPTEMBER  26,  2011-   The weather report for September 16 read “cool and wet,” but only warmth radiated from the beaming smiles and laughter at Royal Vale  School’s second annual Field Day. Nothing could dampen the spirit.

NDG’s Royal Vale is a K-11 (kindergarten to high school) article 240 school that is equally dedicated to academic and athletic excellence and to the creation and maintenance of a genuine caring community.  “It is this belief that served as the inspiration to our unique Field Day where in-school sibling pairs, accompanied by an elementary and high school teacher pair, interacted in an atmosphere of teamwork, physical activity, and play,” explained teacher Stella Halaris.
On Friday, September 9, the high school big brothers and sisters had the opportunity to meet and commence bonding with their younger elementary siblings.  All  ”siblings” participated in the activity of tracing each other’s  hand; one slightly overlapping the other.  These “conjoined” hands - in what appear to be a lopsided butterfly and symbolizing their coming together as a team- will be displayed prominently around the school.  Other activities included secret handshakes, mini interviews, singing songs etc. 

On the Field Day itself, Royal Vale’s high school population dispelled the myth of selfish “teendom” and exhibited their sense of responsibility as they guided their younger siblings through sixteen fun and game stations. Some of the more popular stations included the Bouncing Ball Race, Yoga, Zombie Tag, Freeze Dance, but nothing could match the ever popular inflatable obstacle course and jump room or the “Spirit Station,” where contagious cheers were enthusiastically shouted.  The hugs and “high-fives” or a younger sibling on the shoulder of a big brother or sister at every turn were a testament to the genuine blossoming friendships.

The fire ignited by Ms.Halaris and  elementary school physical education teacher Norman  Katz was fuelled by the Field Day Committee, the outstanding efforts of the Student Life Ambassadors and quintessential collaboration and cooperation of all students teachers and staff. It is this joining of forces and selflessness that makes Royal Vale a home away from home for all ; hence the theme song for the day: Sister Sledge’s ”We are Family!”


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