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MONTREAL, NOVEMBER 4, 2011 – A school tour based on the innovative multi-media project “Mapping Memories” made its first stop at LaurenHill Academy Junior Campus (2355 Decelles) in St. Laurent. 

Co-edited by Michele Luchs, coordinator of English arts programs for the Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sports and Liz Miller, a communications professor at Concordia University, Mapping Memories is an initiative which uses digital stories to build understanding around refugee rights and promote tolerance and understanding of refugee rights  and  ethnic differences in classrooms. The project is part of Life Stories of Montreal, a five-year project in which over 400 individuals have been interviewed and have shared their stories of survival.
Visiting schools and institutions around Montreal, the goal of Mapping Memories is to engage 13 to 17 year olds around the subjects of refugee experiences, migration, human rights violations, belonging, tolerance, cultural identity, and personal resilience.

Bringing real-life examples to the classroom, Ayanda Dube, featured in the project, spoke to a classroom filled with 13 and 14 year-old students about being a young refugee in Montreal.  Ayanda, who fled Zimbabwe 10 years ago, came to Montreal to start a new life away from the unfair and sometimes tyrannical rule of the Mugabe government .  He is now a student of Economics and Political Science at Concordia University.  In his multimedia presentation, he asks questions like “What is Home?” and “What does being Canadian mean?”

 “We wanted to work on a project where we can help people tell their stories and help create stories that other people would want to hear,” said Luchs.  “The intention was to share stories with others and for students to see that you can go through hard times and develop strength within yourself and how important it is to know where you’re from and understand your past. By sharing, we can overcome stereotypes and biases.”

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