Cyrlyle Elementary School in TMR


Carlyle Elementary School in TMR recently presented an Assembly for Ramadan and Fasting.
Spiritual Community Animator Puynung Choy facilitated a group of students who performed an educational performance, which included a snapshot of the ceremony for Ramadan. The focus was four pronged: one, it was about understanding their peers' traditions; two, sensitizing students to have compassion for those living in poverty; three, affirming student's sense of belonging and identity; and four, finding that we all have something in common as fasting occurs in many world traditions (ie. fasting). In the assembly, their teacher also shared more about the Muslim tradition. “It was informative," said Ms. Choy. “We could even hear a pin drop. The students who watched were mezmerized as for many, it was their first time observing the tradition and understanding the commonalities amongst differing cultures."