Eva Barroso Riccardi



Eva Barroso Riccardi, who gained headlines last fall by raising $5,000 towards the Nesbitt Elementary School library and then served as the Halloween UNICEF 2004 young spokesperson, stepped forward once again to play a role in the tsunami campaign. The Grade 6 student was front and centre at a press conference held at the Rosemount school to launch the Quebec Kids Earthquake Challenge. At this time she challenged students across the province to raise funds. Her younger sister Miriam, also a Nesbitt student, presented $200 to UNICEF from proceeds she received from bookmarks she made and sold. Pictured here (left to right) are Principal Jackie Webb, Eva Barroso Riccardi, teacher Angela Christodoulopoulos, Vice-Principal Darlene Kehyayan, Miriam Barroso Riccardi and teacher Thérese Séguin, Eva is also shown addressing the press conference.