The burning of the Royal Vale Sukkah

As a gesture of support and solidarity as a result of the burning of the Royal Vale Sukkah, students from the UTT Beutel (St. Laurent) campus visited with their peers in the Royal Vale Jewish Heritage Program. UTT students Isaac Goldman and Lielle Ravid, along with UTT computer teacher Claire Berger, who spearheaded the initiative, brought hand made cards which reflected the students concerns and hopes for a rebuilt Sukkah for the following year. The UTT students also offered donations of decorations and thanked the Royal Vale students for their generous donation of over 1000 books for the new UTT library, which was firebombed in April 2004.

In addition to the cards, the UTT students also brought with them a gift of two books about Jewish holidays for their library. Pictured above in the photo holding the book "Funny Friday," is UTT student Lielle Ravid. UTT’s Isaac Goldman is holding one of the cards. Standing with the Grade 3 and 4 Royal Vale Jewish Heritage Program students, are teachers Renana Chemtov and Deborah Benarroch who facilitated this meeting between the schools.