Bialik students' visit

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Students from Laurier Macdonald High School in St. Léonard and Bialik High School in Côte Saint-Luc came together April 11 (as part of a unique sensitization program leading up to the renaming of the former Wagar High School building in Côte Saint-Luc next month. Laurier Macdonald presented a screening of its film Ripples In Time, after which students convened to the library where facilitators lead them through an exchange of thoughts and comments on this program which has brought them together.Wagar will be renamed The Giovanni Palatucci Facility. Palatucci saved the lives of 5,000 Jews destined to die in death camps during World War II. He was ultimately arrested and condemned to death by the Nazis.

Pictured here:
1. a Bialik student makes a presentation based on discussions at her table.
2. EMSB Spiritual, Religious and Moral Education Consultant Irene Miller leads a discussion at her table
3. B'nai Brith Canada's Leah Berger makes a point to students.
4. EMSB Commissioner Frank Verrillo solicits opinions.
5. Beryl Wajsman,president of the Institute for Public Affairs, serves as a facilitator for his group of students.