Assist the victims of Hurricane Katrina

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Schools, centres and the head office of the EMSB are doing their part to assist the victims of Hurricane Katrina in the U.S. Gulf States. Last year, in the wake of the tsunami in South East Asia, EMSB schools and centres raised more than $50,000 and held a wide array of activities. The EMSB has announced a special ³Kookies for Katrina² fundraiser. Tony Medeiros and Bernie Lash of Cantor¹s Bakery are underwriting the initiative with the help of Smucker¹s Canada. Smucker¹s reps Karl Etienne, Hugues Labrecque and Guy J. Bedard were on hand at the meeting where they presented samples of the cookies and two giant cakes fresh from the Cantor¹s oven. Interested schools will get pre-packaged cookies (oatmeal, chocolate chip and double chocolate) at no cost. Students will sell them, with all procceds going to Hurricane Relief.

Pictured left to right are: Guy J. Bedard, Bernie Lash, Karl Etienne, EMSB Director General Antonio Lacroce and Chairman Dominic Spiridigliozzi.