Marymount Adult Centre

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The Marymount Adult Centre officially opened the doors of its new home, the former premises of Wagar High School in Cote St. Luc, on Friday, October 14. With this new expanded facility, the Centre will be able to continue its primary commitment to its students, by fostering the pursuit of knowledge and facilitating the achievement of students╣ short term and long term goals by providing a positive learning environment. At the ceremony, the Wagar Foyer and Wagar Field were formally unveiled by Centre Director Nick Furfaro as a way to pay tribute to the former high school. The Centre previously shared space with Marymount Academy on Côte Saint-Luc Road in N.D.G. Governing Board Chair Rosalia Fata noted that the Centre now has room to grow. EMSB Commissioners Syd Wise and Marvin Helfenbaum, Director of Adult Education and Vocational Services Rosario Ortona, Côte Saint-Luc City Manager David Johnstone and Recreation Department Official Harold Cammy were also in attendance. Wagar High School closed last June, 42 years after its birth.