Coronation Robotics Champions

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The English Montreal School Board kicked off the 2006-2007 academic year on Tuesday August 29 by showcasing Coronation Elementary School's exceptional robotics program. Pictured left to right are: students Rakavy Ravisingham, Abicumaran Uthmacumaran, Smita Patel and teachers Debbie Michakis and Patrick Charland. Absent from the photo was student Deep Patel. Coronation recently took home first place in the Junior Robocup in Bremen, Germany. They were also given the prize for congeniality. It marked their second world championship in three years. Patel is the only student competitor still at Coronation. The others have moved on to high school, but they did return for the first day of school. Liberal Member of Parliament for Mount Royal Irwin Cotler also paid a visit to congratulate the students, telling them that as a child he grew up around the corner from the school in Cote des Neiges. EMSB Deputy Director General Donald A. Reid was on hand as well to talk to students.