Public Speaking Competition

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The annual Public Speaking Competition for Secondary I to V students took place May 2 at Westmount High School. First place finishers were: Isha Rahim (Procrastination), Marymount Academy (Secondary I); Isaac Abracen (My Disastrous Hockey Career), Royal West Academy (Secondary II); Adriana Sgambetterra (Box of 80), Vincent Massey Collegiate (Secondary III); Gregory Sheppard (The Issue of Separation in Quebec), Royal West Academy (Secondary IV); and TingJia R. Lorigiano (Life's Ambition Politician?!?), Vincent Massey Collegiate (Secondary V) shown in the first photo with Interim Languages Consultant Stella Halaris, Commissioner Ginette Sauvé Frankel, and Assistant Director of Pedagogical Services Irene Konecny and Commissioner/Vice Chair of the Board Elizabeth Fokoefs. The The Secondary IV winner receives an all expenses paid trip to Ottawa for the Encounters with Canada Program courtesy of the Women's Canadian Club while the Secondary V champion moved on to the Rotary Club of Montreal competition at the St. James Club. Ms. Halaris served as the moderator and coordinator. Retired PSBGM administrator Gwen Lord, the Rotary Club's Andrew Webster and McGill University Director of Undergraduate Programs Caroline Riches served as judges.