CBC Special Needs Project

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Two EMSB elementary schools - Carlyle in T.M.R. and Westmount Park - took part in the Youth in Philanthropy School Needs Fundraising Project, a joint program organized by CBC Montreal, the Foundation of Greater Montreal (FGM). The Lester B. Pearson (LBPSB) School Board was represented by three schools. One of the EMSB schools originally scheduled to participate had to cancel its involvement. Three of the schools received grants, including Westmount Park which was awarded $1,400 for its proposal to provide cycle one students with skills, knowledge and attitudes to successfully participate and enjoy small group cooperative games and activities during the recess and lunch play periods. But nobody walked away disappointed. The FGM and the two school boards agreed to provide $500 to Carlyle and the other LBPSB school which did not get funding. Carlyle had been seeking $1,800 to teach the game of cricket by having students engage in cricket play with other schools, featuring active and continued involvement by parents. In addition to the $500, the Pirates of St. Lawrence Cricket Club have agreed to provide free coaching for the Carlyle children.