Award Winning Administrators

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The Association of Administrators of English Schools in Quebec (AAESQ) recently held a luncheon to honour a number of EMSB officials.

Pictured here are (A)  a group photo of all the award winners with the respective presidents of locals and AAESQ President Sandra Furfaro; (B)Claude Dansereau, recipient of the AAESQ Outstanding Achievement Award, with Association of Montreal School Administrators (AMSA) President  Christina Delaney  and Sandra Furfaro; (C)  EMSB Director General Antonio Tony Lacroce, recipient of AAESQ Distinguished Service Award with  Association of English Montreal Board Administrators (AEMBA) President Angeline  Roumeliotis Sandra Furfaro; (D)Parkdale School Principal Jackie Webb, recipient of AAESQ Distinguished Service Award with Christina Delaney and  Sandra Furfaro; and (E)  former EMSB Principal and Pedagogical Services Director  John Ryan, recipient of AAESQ Honourary Life Membership Award, with    Angeline  Roumelioti and  Sandra Furfaro.