Merton’s Molo Wins National Award

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Romolo (Molo) Finelli, the physical education teacher at Merton Elementary School in Côte Saint-Luc,   was honoured by staff, students and members of his family October 20 for  receiving the  National Excellence Award for Teachers (NEAT) by the Heritage Education Foundation. Molo,” as he is affectionately known,  is a former Olympic trampoliner and gymnastics instructor  who was drawn to Merton in 2003 because of its gymnasium and intimate environment. He’s been a physical education teacher in the public school system for 21 years. Unlike most gym teachers who focus on teaching conventional sports, Molo decided to add circus activities like juggling and acrobatics to the regular curriculum. It was then that the school’s principal,  Raizel Candib , encouraged Molo to put together an end of the year circus show for students who wished to volunteer their time outside of class.