Senator Oliver school visit highlights Black History Month

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On February 9 Senator Donald Oliver from Nova Scotia came to speak to St. Monica Elementary School students in N.D.G. about Black History month.  Senator Oliver recounted what it was like growing up in Wolfville and Halifax, where he encountered much racism.  For example, Senator Oliver spoke about how he and his family were refused service in a restaurant. His aunt, famous opera singer Portia White, sang for the Queen yet was not allowed to stay in a hotel in downtown Halifax.
Senator Oliver saw great hope for the future and referred to the success of Black leaders such as President Barack Obama and Governor General Michaëlle Jean shows that everything is possible today.  Students, he stated, must stay in school and work very hard, do their homework and not tell lies or behave badly.  Senator Oliver summed up the importance of Black History Month in reminding the world that no one should be ever judged on the basis of the colour of their skin. This was truly a very inspiring day at St. Monica.