Leonardo Da Vinci School Gets Greener

The Green Committee at Leonardo Da Vinci Elementary School in RDP has soared more than they ever expected following their establishment last year. The committee initiated many amazing projects with some guidance by the teachers and the borough recycling consultants. The numbers of projects they have put forth is increasing and led them to participate for the fifth year in the Québec Entrepreneurship Contest (Concours Québécois en entrepreneuriat), now in its 11th year. On May 7, they were awarded the second prize in the Cycle III Category throughout the Island of Montreal for their LDV Placemats Project. This was organized as a fundraiser for the 2008 Telethon of Stars. Prior to receiving this award, they also received for the same project the second prize at the regional event in the East End held at the Angus Shop.Click to view certificate of excellence

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