JFK High School for
Public School Education Month

Robert Capalbo, founder of Total Shred, a personalized shredding service, returned to John F. Kennedy High School in St. Michel to offer his sage advice to the Grade 10 entrepreneurship students on January 31st. After graduating from JFK in 1982, Capalbo pursued an education in Health Sciences before a chance evening opened up his mind to establishing his own business.

While sitting with a friend in 1990, the idea popped into their heads to bring the revolutionary shredding business to Montreal, having been started just one year earlier in Toronto. After more than a decade of success with his partner, Capalbo decided to venture out on his own and establish Total Shred in 2003. With a rock solid knowledge of the business, Total Shred has seen steady growth; ensuring Capalbo will remain an industry leader for years to come. Capalbo delivered a succinct and poignant message to the students, laying out the positives and negatives of running one’s own business. His talk inspired them to pursue their ideas and not to be afraid of failure or obstacles, and use those as opportunities for personal growth.