Students Get Cooking

The theme to this year’s Nutrition Month campaign at the English Montreal School Board was “Celebrate food….from field to table,” which builds on the interest of food and nutrition by encouraging the pleasures of cooking with a focus on Canadian grown foods. Cooking workshops were offered by the dietitians from Cafeteria and Nutrition Education in over 20 elementary schools.

In all, over 1 800 students from kindergarten to Grade 6 put on a chef’s hat and put their cooking skills to work during Nutrition Month. In the first half of the workshop, the students learned about soya beans (from field to table), what food products are made from these beans and how they fit in a healthy diet. They got to taste soya beans in their fresh form (Edamame) and then dry and roasted. The students then get to prepare tofu spread. The activity ends in a delightful tasting party: tofu and alfalfa tortilla roll-up!