Marketing Survey Camera Winners

The English Montreal School Board recently undertook a survey of 346 kindergarten parents to discern the most important factors which influenced their decision to register their child at an EMSB institution beginning with the 2010-2011 school year. The EMSB’s highly touted French program served as the most decisive factor for parents. In all, 82 percent of parents stated that the French program was the most important factor when registering their child, while none indicated that it did not play any role whatsoever. Participants in the survey were eligible for a special drawing to win Nikon cameras, gift certificates to Chapters/Indigo and EMSB souvenirs. The three cameras were presented to parents Annie Giannatselis (Dunrae Gardens), Columa Volpé (Nesbitt) and Michael Merten (Pierre Elliott Trudeau) by commissioners Liz Leaman and Agostino Cannavino.

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