When Jody Wilson, a teacher at Westmount Park Elementary School first heard that Darren O’Donnell’s new project was entitled “Playgrounds on Fire,” she immediately took a step back.

After all, the last time she checked, fire and children simply do not mix. Yet, having worked with her students last year when he orchestrated an activity in which students operated a hair salon for an afternoon; Wilson knew that the visionary mind of O’Donnell was whipping up something unique. O’Donnell is the Artistic Director of Toronto’s Mammalian Diving Reflex, a research-art atelier dedicated to investigating the social sphere, always on the lookout for contradictions to whip into aesthetically scintillating experiences, producing one-off events, theatre-based performance, theoretical texts and community happenings.

With the help of the students at Westmount Park, he was set to embark on his most exciting project yet...

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