Life As I See It at LaurenHill Academy

Continuing a tradition which began last year, LaurenHill Academy once again played host to an art and photo vernissage in which over 100 original student pieces across various art mediums were on display. Sharing the stage with the hand created works of art were digital photos which were entered in LaurenHill's photo contest. These abstract and personal photos of 14 students and 5 teachers was intended to bring forth the message that art extends beyond a paintbrush and canvas and can be created on a daily basis, using a digital camera found on every cellular phone and in almost every home.

For the photo contest, each student could have submitted a maximum of 5 pictures, from which they chose one picture that would enter the photo contest.  Judging was based on 3 criteria: 1- Effectiveness in conveying the "Life as I See it" theme, 2- Creativity, 3- Photographic Quality.

For further information on next year's contest, contact Tanya Alvares at talvares@emsb.qc.