Inauguration of EMSB Atrium!

During the 2011 edition of Daycare Week, the Community Service and Daycare department inaugurated the new Atrium redesigned courtesy of their Beautification Project.

The focus of the Atrium Beautification Project was to create a nature-rich space for all EMSB’ employees to enjoy and to showcase the Green Initiatives that are taking place, such as the planting of flowers and herbs, recycled object art projects, and environmental consciousness being cultivated in all EMSB daycares.

In addition, during Daycare Week, artwork created by children from the 29 daycares was displayed in the atrium. The pieces included a large scale 3D art installation created collaboratively by six daycares specifically designed to highlight this year’s Daycare Week theme “Nurture your Relationships” which illustrates the links daycare shares with children, parents, school and community.