Nesbitt School at the Museum

Earlier this year, Nesbitt School approached the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ Education and Community Programmes Department about the possibility of collaborating on a visual arts project involving two elementary classes, one in Cycle 1 and the other in Cycle 2. This innovative project grew out of the exhibition ‘The Warrior Emperor and China’s Terracotta Army’.

The two classes became familiar with the achievements of Chinese culture and with the life of the time of the Emperor Qin. During the weeks leading up to their visit to the Museum, their French teacher, home room teachers and the day care service worked together to prepare different artistic workshops. The students were introduced to various media, including watercolour for landscapes, ink for writing their name in calligraphy, tent stitch -also known as petit point- for different Chinese symbols and modelling clay masks and figurines. The students worked in both two and three dimensions.

The classes then visited the exhibition The Warrior Emperor and China’s Terracotta Army at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and participated in a workshop in which they created a clay figurine inspired by the exhibition.

The names of the students can be found in the display cases beside the work on view at the museum.