Music to our ears at Sinclair Laird

Students at Sinclair Laird Elementary School in Park Extension were excited to unwrap seven boxes filled with brand new musical instruments recently. They came courtesy of a $5,000 Band-Aid Grant from the Toronto-based foundation MusiCounts, which is associated with the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS)—known as Canada’s music education charity.

Some of the instruments students will be able to hone their musical talents on during music class include djembes, handheld shakers, recorders, thunder and xylophones. The instruments will also be used during the school’s spring concert and  for percussion workshops at the B.A.S.E.—the school’s daycare program. Parent volunteer and freelance percussionist Joanna Peters and music teacher Helene Diguer went above and beyond the call of duty and came together to apply for the Band-Aid Grant at the end of the 2010—2011 school year.  On Sunday, March 11 (6 p.m.) and Monday, March 12 (noon) CTV’s Power of One will profile Joanna Peters and Helene Diguer. Reporter Maya Johnson spent some time with the two ladies at the unveiling of the new musical instruments. After it airs, the report will be posted on