Marie-Louise Gay at mackay Centre

As part of its “I Love to Read Week” celebrations, the Mackay Centre School in NDG held a day-long series of readings and autograph sessions with popular Quebec children’s author/illustrator Marie-Louise Gay on Thursday, March 1. The Mackay Center School educates children with motor, speech or sensorial difficulties. Ms. Gay, who has written over 60 children’s books that have sold over one million copies around the world, read excerpts from her books to every student at the school in four separate sessions that took place for about an hour each. Ms. Gay explained how she gets the ideas for her books, as well as the process of how she typically puts together one of her books, from the storyboard, to writing the story, to producing the sketches and drawings. She concluded each presentation by doing a drawing of one of her popular characters from scratch. After the readings, every student was given a copy of one of Ms. Gay’s books, which were personally signed by the author. The school, thanks to a special donation, managed to purchase multiple copies of her books for the event, so that each student will be able to have a book to take home and read on their own. “I Love to Read Week” ran at the Mackay Centre School from February 27 until March 2.