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Photo Album 2004-2005


John Caboto Elementary School

Teens Freedom from Violence

Brain tumor research

JFK Science Fair

Laurier Macdonald High School

Carlyle Elementary School in TMR


Foreign Affairs Minister

A Canadian astronaut

Royal Vale School in N.D.G.

Willingdon School in N.D.G.

Frank Marino of Mahogancy Rush

Chinese New Year Celebration


Birthday celebration

Secondary students and their teachers

An official entente

East Hill Elementary School

Student Athlete Program

EMSB Annual Golf Tournament


Cultural exchange on Feb. 21

Canadian Red Cross Society

The championship Montreal Impact

Super Party for The Arthritis Society

David Bouchard visited Dante

Verdun Dragons' James Desmarais


Commissioners meeting

Principal Maravei and students

The St. Pius X Culinary Institute

A Grade 4 class at Frederick Banting

Dedication ceremony

Volunteer Appreciation Night


Jewish school system

Eva Barroso Riccardi

The Protection of Children's Rights

Elizabeth Ballantyne School

A tsunami memorial service

Laurier School Board


Hairdressing program

Commissioners and senior management

Anthony Calvillo

A three-day workshop designed

Ceremony for new Canadian citizens

Vincent Massey Collegiate


Members of Italy's Senate

Success at Verdun Auditorium

Laurier School Board Chairman

Westmount High School students

Otis "Magic" Grant visits old school

Elizabeth Ballantyne School


Retirement of hairdressing teacher

Ellen David returned to Wagar

Christmas and Chanukah Toy Tea

Official launch of new book

The Generations Foundation

Breakfast event at Buffet La Stanza


Robert Alfred Peck Prize for Excellence

Halloween project

Remembrance Day

Department of Student Services

Carlyle Elementary School in TMR

General Vanier Elementary School


Academic cooperation

International Summit


Unicorn Children's Foundation

Michael Applebaum read to students

The Mackay Center School


Vocational Education Week

Justin Trudeau the keynote speaker

Thanksgiving Day

The annual retirees' dinner

The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation

The burning of the Royal Vale Sukkah


Liam Kenny and Emily Mannard

A new and unique comic book

Rencontres interculturelles

Stella Princess of the Sky

CACE's annual national conference

Student/Teacher Exchange


Merton Elementary School

Winners of World Junior Robocup

Our Lady of Pompei School

A meeting with Alliance Quebec

Opening ceremonies

Officials from Mie prefecture in Japan


Back to School

Cedarcrest Elementary School

Pedagogy and Sports Program

A new gymnasium at Royal West