Enriched (Competitive) Math Program

Gardenview offers an enriched (competitive) math program for children who are strong in math and are looking for a challenge!

All grade 5 students are tested and a group of approximately 20-25 children are chosen to participate in the program. The lessons enhance math concepts, problem solving and logic skills. The students usually compete in three math competitions: the Canadian National Contest, the Quebec Association of Math Teachers' Competition and the Pythagoras Contest.

The classes are held twice a week from 8 to 9 a.m. This program is subsidized by the Gardenview Home & School Association and there is no cost to the family.

Contact Information

The Home and School office...

E-mail: ghsa.info@gmail.com.
Phone: 514.744.1401

2017-2018 Executive Board

President: Marla Di Monte / Teresa Scarano
Vice President: Caroline Aroyan
Co-Treasurer: Lucy Pugliese / Maria Marinis
Communication & Membership: Elena Giatras / Anna Spetsieris
Secretary: Tina Galluccio