My Favourite Things

Hello there fellow folks! My name is Julia and I go to General Vanier Elementry School and I am pleased to explain to you the things I find awesome. The list is as follows: ballet, writing and reading! Read it all to find out!

Ballet: I really love ballet. I've been doing ballet for six years. It starts off easy but gets complicated as you go on. I do ballet shows every year, with my class. My favourite one was when my class did The Little Mermaid. We were all so small! I'm so used to going on the stage - I'm not even scared anymore! This year, I started on points. Points are toe shoes that ballet dancers wear when their bones are strong enough. I was really excited! Now that I have explained to you all about ballet, I will move on to the next topic: writing!

Writing: Do you know I love writing? Well, if you didn't, it's O.K. Writing is one of my favourite things! I love creating stories about typically anything. Give me a topic and I'll write all about it! Although my favourite topic to write stories about is Action! Whether it's writing by hand or typing, I keep, keep, keep going. Whenever I do something for school, I keep, keep writing! A peice of writing that I am working on now at home is called Let's go to the Beach!I really want to publish it and make it worldwide. Next subject: reading!

Reading: Reading is awesome and it teaches you lots of wonderful, special things. I learn all about animals, history, geography and much more. You learn so much,(you just can't put the book down.) I love reading! My favourite series of books is The Rainbow Fairies Set. My favourite book in this series is Scarlett the Garnet Fairy in the Jewel Fairies. I like it because the garnet is my birthstone and it is a very adventurous story. Personally, my favourite type of story is action, but I also like fiction and documentry. Thank-you for letting me introduce my favourite things. Hope you enjoyed reading my text! THANK-YOU div>