Musical Gymnastic Art

Hey, I’m Maya and I go to an awesome school called General Vanier. On this page you will be able to look at pictures listen to music and watch videos also in the videos I will be teaching you how to do the things that I know how to do in gymnastics I will be showing you my drawing/paintings.


I love gymnastics I love doing cartwheels, hand stand ect. It is so fun to try out new things and then after being able to finally know how it is such a good experience to know how to do gymnastics. It is fun to do cartwheels because when you are in the air for either a cartwheel or a handstand it feels so cool to be in the air it fells like you are flying with your hands on the floor but you don’t even fell your hands.


I love to sing and write my own songs they dont always come out so good but i try. It is so fun to express myself in so many different creative ways. I have a few favorite songs but I can never choose one of theme to be my top one. My aunt is musician and she sings very good I hope that I will be successful like her when I grow up!


I love to draw and paint it is so much fun I love to draw my own characters or draw from observation. When I draw feel free because no body can tell me what I can do and cannot do I love to draw also because my mom is an artist and I like to try to draw my moms art so I become as good as her one day! youtubeMusical