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Hi, I'm Noah and I am a ten year old student at General Vanier Elementary School.On my website you'll get to know Me, a courageous and creative boy.

I have many hobbies, but my favorite hobby is playing Minecraft on my computer.I play with my friends some times, if they're not buzy.I play on servers a lot once im done my homework or whatever work I have to do. Think of a server as a website and the internet is Minecraft but servers are online to play with others.

Here are some small things you should know about me.My favorite type of music is Dubstep by Tristam.My favorite color is blue but if I were to have a favorite combination of colors, it would be black and white.I like to wear hoodies a lot just because of the way they look.I have a dog and it's realy cute, it's a Yorkshire Terrier, her name is Mia.If I were to have another type of dog, it would be a Husky.My favorite sport is soccer, I play soccer all the time at school in my house or I play it as a competitive sport.I have many electronics.I have a samsung tablet, a Ds, Dsi, 3Ds and an Ipod but I use it mostly as an MP3 player.My favorite tv shows are Kickn'it, LabRats and Gravity Falls, you'd be realy familier with these shows if you watch Disney XD or Family Channel.

By the time you've read this,you should be able to walk up to me and know who I am.

My dog Mia