Hi my name is Priscilla Mele ,my birthday is May 24 2003.My favavorite subjects are Math, Science and History I go to General Vanier Elementry school for High school I would like to go to John Paul1. I like to do many different things but, these are a few things I like:

General Vanier Elementry School


I love to swim. I swim at the L.D.V. center. I started to swim in the year 2013. My goal in swimming is to go to the Olympics. I believe in myself and I think that nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself. My teachers at swimming lessons are very nice to me and without them I would not be as good as I am now. At first when I started swimming I was not that good and I felt like giving up, but I did not.


I always wanted a dog but I never got one because my parents did not want it to destroy the house. I love dogs because they are very cute. I also like dogs because when youíre bored you could play with them. Another reason why I like dogs is because when youíre sad they thay make you feel good. My dad once had a dog, it was a Labrador and it was very big. My dadís favourite dog is Great Dane because of their size. My favourite dog is a tea cup dog, they call them that because they actually fit in a tea cup and their so cute. I love tea cup dogs because you could bring it every were you go, you could hide them in one of those little purses.

One Direction:

My favorite band is one direction. My favorite singer in One Direction is Niall Horan. HE IS SOOOOOOOO CUTE. He is my favorite singer because he has such a good voice. One Direction is my favorite band in general because all five guys are so cute and have great voices. I also love their songs; they are different and great in different ways.

One Direction